Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Pain of Betrayal

I met a lady today who was in terrible pain, her heart broken by someone that she has spent her life loving, but who has hurt her over and over beyond belief. She has no hope for this relationship to ever be different, and her tears just won't stop. These words for her flowed from my heart, but Jesus gave them to me.

"Carol, I am so sorry. My own son hates me and wants nothing to do with me, so I can share your pain. But, think of this. Jesus felt just as we do, hurt and abandoned and betrayed. His own people turned their backs on Him and sent Him to the cross. But, people are still doing that every day, and imagine His pain. Allow Him to comfort you, and pray each day for the one who is causing you pain. Love them anyway, just as Jesus loves us, and remember that He can penetrate any hard or wicked heart. No one is a hopeless case as long as he is alive. In the end it is their choice, but Christ will do everything He must, except making that decision for them, to change their heart. You are blessed to know the Savior. Pray the same for those you love."

People will hurt us because there is sin in this present world. Still, there is One who understands and shares our grief and pain. Never give up hope! Jesus is a miracle worker, and He knows how to heal our wounds and their souls. Ask the Father daily for His help, obey Him in all things, and He will honor it with His faithfulness.

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