Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Who Was Your "Resource Officer"?

As usual, I was just 1965 we had no need for a "resource officer" in our high schools. Why is that, do you think? Was it because we respected authority? We certainly had a few misfits here and there, but we displayed more respect than is now shown, I think. If any disrespect was shown to an adult, I can assure you that our parents were immediately attending to the problem.

I was a rebellious teen, but i would never have physically NOR verbally attacked my teachers, let alone a police officer. Yes. that was 50 years ago, but why should that fact change the fact of teaching respect and honoring authority for authority's sake? What's wrong here?

Ironically, i think it started with my generation and its initiation of choice to live disrespectfully, and therefore they were unable to teach respect where they had none.

Isn't it time to reverse the trend at home, and therefore in the world?

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