Monday, July 5, 2010


Research shows me that the CDC reports over 1,700,000 abortions occurred during the 1990's, and that 10% of known abortion clinics did not report their count. You do the math, I don't need to. The first number is enough to make me stagger in my tracks. The good news was that the number of abortions was decreasing, a fact that in itself, makes me incredulous. I would imagine the number is decreasing due to the new methods of birth control that are effective even after intercourse, and that are not considered by their promoters as abortion. This is a little mind-game trick they use to convince themselves that it's OK; it's not killing a life. Or perhaps, more to the point, a trick to convince the general public and, therefore, increasing their revenue. Whatever their reasoning, the fact still remains that well over 2,000,000 ( say it out loud, two million) abortions are being done every year just in this country alone.

People all over these United States celebrated a wonderful day yesterday. They sang songs, they raised our beautiful flag. They partied and lit exciting firework displays and honored the military living and dead. They gathered in cemeteries and played haunting bugle tributes to those who paid the highest price for our country to enjoy the freedoms we so cherish. Past Presidents and noble citizens were remembered and honored as true patriots and brave in their efforts to create a new world of freedom from tyranny and dominant rule by an English Crown. What a glorious day it was when the new United States of America declared itself separate and free! No record of the number of deaths during this period of rebellion and revolution was found, but we know that many lost their lives, surely in the thousands.

I also noted yesterday that the celebrations included the memory of the 2,995 victims in the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and Pennsylvania plane crash that occurred on September 11, 2001. The fact of these lost lives have been honored with monuments, plaques, statues, books, movies, and on and on, all in an effort to memorialize a tragic day in our history. They will never be forgotten, nor should they be. Again, a high price to pay. Hopefully the result of their deaths was to cause us to unite against a dispicable enemy of our great country.

Oh, how we unite when we can celebrate a common and popular cause! It is correct to do so. It is admirable to remember and be thankful for what we have that others have given so much to preserve. I am thankful. I remember. But I also feel great indignation for more that 2,000,000 lives that are not ever remembered, never celebrated, never given a minute's thought. In fact, to do so in this country would be a very unpopular thing to do, and would cause many to be ridiculed and labeled fanatical and even insane.

Where did we stop recognizing that every life has the right to progress? When did we stop taking responsibility for our choices and decisions when it meant that it would be an inconvenience or perhaps even an imperfect life that is the result? We have always been self-centered fools, but when did we decide that we had the right to kill just because we want to, and just because we can't see what we're killing? Why is it legal to kill one life and not another? Who decided that life was our decision and not the life Creator's? Do we honestly believe that a sovereign God will look the other way when His creation is destroyed just because we don't want it? Oh, the arrogance of a people to thumb their nose at the Almighty Master Creator and then ask Him fervently to bless them, to bless their country!

We have monuments for thousands of soldiers. We have monuments for many patriots and Presidents. We have monuments for thousands of victims of 9/11. Where is the monument and memory and regret for the on-going millions of lives that are taken because we can't take responsibility for our actions? We are the fools when we believe God will bless us.

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