Tuesday, November 25, 2014

God Is Real

Some say there is no God, Jesus is not God, there is no Holy Spirit to guide and comfort us. If they're right, I wish they would explain what happened to me after I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior 30 years ago. My life changed instantly. I was no longer the mean-spirited person I had been for years. I no longer wanted everything for ME. I wanted to please God, and I became thankful for what Christ has done for me. 

Consequently, my attitudes changed, my focus changed. My life at first took a turn for the worse because satan was fighting for me. But I stayed faithful, and so did God. My life today is happy, joyful, contented, peaceful. I have a loving and devoted husband who has changed his life as well. 

I'm not perfect by a long shot. But I will be when He gets done with me and takes me home. If there is no God, what has happened, and what have I lost in this lifetime? I've lost bitterness and a life of sin and guilt and anger and a filthy personal reputation. I've benefited in my decision, even if there is no God. But I know there is a God because of my life. He has worked miracles that would have been impossible by my own doing. 

I know Who He is, and I know who I am IN HIM. My life and my faith are the answers to those who scoff at my faith in God the Creator of everything. If you believe, you have the same story to tell. God IS real!

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Wrong Man Resigned

Today's headline: "Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Is Resigning "

If you don't totally agree with this POTUS, if you embarrass him in any small way, you might as well pack your bags. He won't tolerate even the smallest acts of insubordination. 

On the other hand, he shouldn't tolerate it, Even if he is inept and has no idea what he is doing, he must command total support of his ineptness. 

It's been obvious from the very beginning that Chuck Hagel was not up to the task of Secretary of Defense, and for that reason he was nominated, and because he would be easy to control by his boss. That's the one fact that he didn't live up to. Hagel actually disagreed with this administration and its handling of ISIS, and that's what got him the boot. Even if you are correct and wanting to protect your country from evil danger, you just must never embarrass and disagree with this president. 

Unfit for the job as Chuck Hagel is, the wrong man has resigned. Again.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My Christmas Gift

Oh bother. Christmas is taking over the masses and markets already, and my blood pressure rises. I love what Christmas represents, so I will acknowledge it in that way. But as for the presents, I have an idea that I'll share, though I know it's not for everyone. I still think it's a good idea. 

How about not buying the popular junk that will be hawked constantly for the next two months on all the television and radio stations. I like the idea of making something very special and personal as a gift. You may think you can't make anything, but there are hundreds of ideas that are wonderful gifts that even a beginner can make. Google can help. Research all over the web for crafty or food ideas. Ask your friends for their ideas. 

My favorite idea this year is for considering the economy and giving the adult families gift certificates to their favorite grocery or their favorite clothing store, department store, and a really good idea, their favorite gas station. Make your gifts practical and helpful, not something they'll use once and then store in some closet or the basement. 

You probably can't do this for the kids, but I really think we can be more practical for them as well. Consider that less is really better. I used to go way overboard with all the family. I was impractical and so wrong. I have always hated gift certificates, but now I believe it is the very best gift because there could be less waste. 

I also have scratched a lot of people off my gift list. Spending money on everybody I come in contact with is wasteful, and it only encourages them to waste their money buying me a small gift....that I'll never use. Give me a jar of homemade preserves instead. Now that's a nice gift! 

If you need ideas go to pinterest where you'll find hundreds of ideas. Last year I made homemade soaps and lotions for my family and put them in cheap mason jars with ribbons. These were wonderful gifts and very appreciated. Christmas can be so much more meaningful and happy if we fill it with personalized joy and not run our credit cards up so high it could take us until next Christmas to pay off. I want a more peaceful and Christ-centered holiday this year. I want to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus, read the Christmas story from Luke to the kids, and be able to breathe easy in January when the white sales start.

That will be my Christmas gift this year that I will cherish the most. God bless us, every one.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I'm Learning As I Go Crazy

Frustration is a very good emotional tool that the enemy tries to use to make me crazy and then sin. But it won't work. (hehe.) I have God's word to tap into. You know the one I use....2 Cor 10:4.....and then I can get through it. Good thing, because I almost lost it with a couple of customer service reps in India this morning.

Why is it that companies use people that they know I can't understand? sheesh. They are so kind and sweet and professional. They are SUPER polite, and I'm sure they would be helpful if I could just understand them!

Finally i got put through to JoAnn in North Carolina that had the thickest NC accent you've ever heard. I understood every word she said. But she couldn't help me. Finally i got Mary. Mary must be an angel that God sent down to help me because it was one of the most pleasant, easy, efficient, and quick conversations I've ever had with a customer service agent. Thank You, Father. I really appreciate it.

By the way.... I go through this every month with this company. Well, at least for the last four or five months. So, God is definitely out to train me to KEEP CALM and RECITE 2 COR 10:4. I'm learning. 
But as usual, the hard way.