Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Larry Bird


This is why I was (and still am) a Larry Bird fan,
from When the Game Was Ours, Larry Bird and Earvin Magic Johnson:

"The morning after Boston's celebration (1984 NBA championship title), Bird finally went home for a little shuteye. Around midafternoon, (Quinn) Buckner, who was experiencing his first-ever NBA title, drove to Bird's Brookline home with the hope of celebrating all over again. Dinah informed Buckner that Larry wasn't there.

'He was out running,' Buckner said. 'When he got back, I said to him, 'Man, what are you doing?'

Bird looked at him quizzically before he answered. 'I'm getting ready for next year,' he said."

Never quit. Never let up if you want to be a winner. For me that includes my walk with Christ.