Tuesday, November 8, 2016

And the Loser Is!

It is a very sad day today. No matter who wins the election, the people of the United States have lost. We've lost integrity, patriotism, honor and dignity. We will have as president either a womanizing and uncouth scoundrel or a lying, unethical political whore who belongs behind bars with many of her cronies. We all lose, and it's the peoples' fault. No one to blame but ourselves. May God the Father protect us from the enemy within.

I Vote To Ban Whisker Burns

Some sports teams don't shave until a certain goal has been reached, such as a championship or a league game, maybe even a win over their dreaded rival. So, I'm wondering if this trend of men not shaving and looking like they just stepped off skid row is due to a united effort to win a common objective. For instance, I was thinking, wouldn't it be interesting if they have said to one another in some magical way, "Let's all grow our beards just long enough to shred the ladies' faces to a crimson mass of raw meat, and then we'll all shave after the election (not knowing, or caring, what their choice would be).

So, today, in addition to a decision for president, I'm dreaming of fresh faced gentlemen with faces smooth and clean and soft as a baby's butt. That's not too much for an old gal to wish for is it? I know I shouldn't care what these young, and not so young bucks do, but I'm tired of seeing men who look like they should be pushing a grocery cart full of old clothes and blankets through the inner-city alleys.