Thursday, October 6, 2011


I have a husband who, bless his heart, thinks if I have come to him with a problem that I want him to fix it.  I think this may be God's fault because I've read that most husbands think this way.  But all I really want is to talk about it to someone.  I just want him to listen to me, then I'll go take care of it.  I wonder if the reason for this is that, usually, men just don't talk, bless their hearts, unless they have to.  If they don't need help why would they talk?

Think about how God must look at this conundrum.  On one hand He watches a woman telling her loving husband about the kid in the back of her class who just won't follow directions and can't keep his hands to himself.  When she's finished her rant, dear, sweet, loving husband begins to recite a list of all the things that she needs to do to correct this youngster.  He may even have the audacity to put this list in writing for her.  "Follow these (my) guidelines (instead of yours), and you will have no more problems." This is what she hears him saying.  Her next decision will probably be to never talk to him about her job ever again.  "I'll do it my own way!  What does he know about it, anyway?"

On the other hand is the loving husband who is home from work, tired, just wanting a little peace in his world, and she's got a problem, and, God forbid, she wants to talk.  "Fine," he thinks to himself.  "I can take care of this for her, and then I can get back to peace and quiet.  This can't be too difficult.  It's a child, for heaven's sake!  Why can't she do this herself?  No.  I have to do it for her!"

Wanting to "take care of things myself" is typical in hundreds of different scenarios, not just between men and women.  But I wonder if it is one of the biggest chasms between man and God.  God is in control, but man wants to do it himself.  God says to man, "Trust in Me."  And man says, "I have to do something!"  "How can it be resolved if I don't do something?"

The writer of Hebrews says, "Faith is leaning toward God in complete confidence and trust in His power, wisdom, and goodness." (Amp. Bible. italics added)  Many times our faith needs feet and hands to accomplish God's power and wisdom, but first comes the faith, the knowledge of and intimate relationship with God the Father and His Son.  When we "put on the armor of God" then we will know the power and wisdom that we need to answer our daily problems because the constant in our lives, the Holy Spirit, will guide us through.  Yes, sometimes I may still need to talk it through to a friend.  But all I will need in the end to solve or alleviate my problems will come from the Counselor, God.  He does good work.  Even at my best I'll probably make a mess.  God's Word is the best resource I can ever need.

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