Friday, January 16, 2015

Change Me, O Lord!

Lord, Father God, at this very moment I give you permission to change me. I have sinned again, and I am sick inside of me to think of the pain I have caused to others and to You. I hate failing. This, too, is a sin because it is pride. But I hate failing You. I hate when you are disappointed in me, even though I know that you will still, and always, love me. 

Your word says that "love is from God", and if I do not love my brother then I do not know God, and I am a liar. Always I say that I want to know You more, know You better, yet I isolate myself from others, and I find it hard to be tolerant of others' ways and what they say. Father, I give you permission to change me. Lord I ask You to teach me how to love others as You do. Teach me to be more understanding. Teach me tolerance of ideas and ways that are not like mine.

Lord, my anger is like a firecracker. When it is lit it explodes quickly and then fizzles in an dirty and useless lump. There is nothing left, then, but to clean up the mess, wait for the stink of sulfur to fade away, and pray that no one was damaged in the explosion. Oh, how I hate that anger! Oh, how I wish it was not an emotion that I see has been hereditary to me and to my offspring! Help me, Jesus, to pray away this awful sin in my life. I know that if I read Your word and cherish it unto myself that I will draw closer to You, and it will help to eliminate this harmful emotion. Father, I give You permission to change this in me.

Father, You have done so much in my life, but I know that I have so much farther to go to be ready for Your kingdom. You teach me daily all Your ways that you expect in me. Father, You don't need my permission to do anything in my life, but I believe You want it. You want me to be as eager as You are to change my life. So, Jesus, I give You permission to do whatever it takes to make me more like You. Jesus, I ask. Amen.

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