Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Annoying Little Divas

My adult daughter was visiting from out of town, and it's always interesting to be able to have our talks when everyone else isn't around. I was writing the bible study sheet for our church small groups, picking Jill's brain, and just generally talking back and forth about stuff. I repented out loud that I have problems being patient with certain behaviors some women have. One such area is being around divas. I love them, but just impatient with their actions.

Jill said, "Maybe they just need to be divas. Maybe they need that attention and know of no other way to get it. 

I realized the silly little needs that I have and how annoying I know they are to others. Wow. She has always been so very wise beyond her years. But, quite frankly, it's a quality that I find very annoying sometimes.

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