Wednesday, December 23, 2015

This Cannot Be A "Merry" Christmas

Society has portrayed the birth of Jesus as an event to bring "peace on earth", when, in fact, it was more comparable to the invasion at Normandy. Jesus came to earth as an invasion of Truth against the evil that has taken this world. Without the invasion at Normandy, Germany would have taken over and destroyed France. France would be speaking German today. Without the invasion of Truth and the establishment of God's church, satan would have destroyed us all long, long ago. 

With satan in this world, there will never be peace on this earth.  Peace will only come when we give our lives to Christ and establish His kingdom on earth. 

Jesus came to earth to create a holy war, an uprising of His people to reclaim it for the Father. We must not sit quietly by at Christmastime, or any other time, after we have accepted Christ as our Lord and Savior. Then is the time to stand up boldly and proclaim HIs sovereignty, and fight to bring His kingdom to this earth as it was first intended. 

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