Friday, March 19, 2010


Today is a very special day for me, and it's a very special day for many people who have made a decision to accept the most precious gift that was ever offered to this world. Professing Christians have labeled this day "Good Friday", and for me it celebrates one of the most important days in history on this earth. It celebrates the death of our God Who became a man named Jesus of Nazareth, with the sole purpose of dying for you and for me.

Celebrating the death of a man hardly seems appropriate, and calling it a "Good" day also appears to mock the man or the day it represents. More likely would be to celebrate the man's birthday, which we do in many instances, and this one included, or to celebrate a victorious occasion in their life. At the time, the death of this man did not seem victorious. In fact, many of His followers were confused, heart-broken, and wondered at the wisdom of believing in Him. One man was so confused and misled that he took his own life out of despair for his confusion and wrong actions that led to Jesus' crucifixion.

But celebrate we must. For there was no other way for a lost world to qualify to spend eternity in the presence of a righteous God Who loves us so much that He sacrificed Himself and paid the ultimate price to give us the opportunity to always be with Him! Hallelujah! What a Savior!

Yes, this day and this gift is definitely "Good". When God demanded sacrifices for the sins of the world in Old Testament days the people brought the finest of what they had. Some brought the purest lamb, and some bought the most perfect doves. But these sacrifices had to be repeated to atone for the ongoing sin in the lives of God's people. When would these sacrifices ever be enough to satisfy a perfect God? We could never become clean enough, good enough, because we were incapable as humans, due to Adam's sin, to ever draw close to the perfect, righteous Father Who created us. There had to be a one time sacrifice that covered the sin of the world forever, and there was no other One qualified to be this gift. God came to earth, lived as a man, a perfect man with no flaws, no stain, truly righteous and became that gift on the day we celebrate as "Good Friday".

This "Perfect Sacrifice" was what God accepted as the one gift that would clear our names forever. Never again will we ever have to find another sacrifice. No other gift is needed. Because Jesus' blood flowed unto death, we are now covered by it, premiums paid and, with the gift accepted, we are now ready to join a loving Father eternally, never again to sin, and never again to cry. Jesus told John there are no tears in heaven.

So in three days we celebrate the greatest day of all. Cancelling out our debt in hell He rose up from it, and now reigns with His Father and lives in our lives and hearts. We call it Easter. I have determined in my heart that there is room for no other lord, no other master. He bought me, and I am saved from separation from God because of my deeds; or should I say in spite of my deeds. Yes. I will celebrate His death and His life and His gift. Without these, I am lost. Without these I have no reason to exist.

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