Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Blessed Are They That Mourn

Last Saturday I mourned over a beautiful lost dog who wandered into our garage as we came home from shopping.  The dog obviously belonged to someone since he sported such a nice harness.  He was a very big dog, and no doubt he was a handful for someone to walk.  But he was lovable and gentle and allowed me to wrap my arms around his neck. 

I could easily see that this animal would fit right into our household, but we have four wonderful dogs of our own already, so this dog definitely could not stay.  He had to belong to someone in our sub-division, and since he wore no identification I had no choice but to send him on his way.  I was heartbroken, and I was very concerned about this strange dog's welfare the rest of the day.

The next day in church it struck me; how long has it been since I spent that much love and time lamenting over a human?  How many times do I see a person so much in need of Jesus Christ in his or her life but make no effort to help?  How many times have I gone home and spent the day crying, worrying, being concerned for the people I meet every day who are lost and need the saving grace of God's gift?  I have to say, seldom.  Admittedly, often times seeing bad behavior in my chance encounters makes me disgusted, and more often than not I shake my head, I "tsk tsk" their distasteful behavior and walk away.  They are forgotten.  I give them very little after thought.

Shame on me!  Prayer should be my immediate response.  There are times when I do whisper a prayer in my mind, but why not always?  I should be doing this more often than not doing it, and I repent.

Father, establish in me a forgiving heart for those who live against Your word.  Remind me of the filthy condition my heart was in once, and how You forgave me and saved me from eternal death.  Help me to remember to stop where I am to whisper a silent prayer on their behalf.  And then, if You open the door, help me to venture through it to give others the hope of Your great love.  amen.

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