Saturday, February 2, 2013

Life's Little Burdens

it's such a burden going through life being critical of everything and everybody. it has taken years of having to eat my words and step out of the piles i have made, but the Holy Spirit keeps showing me how insignificant my little views are, and how i need to focus on Him rather on the way i think things should be in this world. not to say that i should stick my head in the sand, but life has been going on a long time without my help. i may hate what i see, but my opinions need to be kept more silent. you don't know how hard that is for me, but God does, and He is changing me as quickly as i will let Him, and sometimes He has to do it the hard way. that's my discipline that i deserve. though, it's pretty tough to accept that discipline when you think you are perfect. ;]

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