Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Get Out of the Box!

Yesterday on Facebook I mentioned a term that our pastor used Sunday morning, "entrenched religion". I liked the term because I thought it so eloquently explains how we can sometimes get so comfortable, so settled into the ways we worship that we only see the process and not the Father. 

Thinking about it again this morning I realized that is what I have called "tradition", and how I dislike that word so much. My son-in-law said one morning when teaching a class while I was visiting there that tradition is putting our worship in a box, not willing to get out, and we miss all the wonderful ways to please Him that are outside the box because we're not comfortable out there. We should be willing to lower ourselves to the point of putting ourselves face down on the floor, to become as insignificant as possible, in order to raise Him up and place Him where He belongs, above all creation. 

God is without end. His ways and His being is without end. We should be willing to grasp all the wonderful ways, without end, that we can that glorifies Him, gives Him honor, and lets Him know in so many new ways every day that we recognize how worthy He is to be praised!

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