Thursday, September 29, 2016

Why Me?

She came to a complete stop at the light and began to wait patiently for it to change. Immediately she noticed a strange sound, a sound that came from the outside of her car. 

“Oh, no.” she moaned. “Now what is wrong with my car?” She rolled down the window of her car to hear it more clearly, then realized that the noise was coming from the car sitting next to her. 

“Thank God, it’s their car, not mine.” Instantly, she was struck with the thought, “Why would I wish bad things to happen to someone else rather than me? What makes me so special that bad things shouldn’t happen to me?” 

She repented on the spot as the light turned green, and, as she pulled away, she said a prayer for the person in the other car.* 

(True story from my friend, Linda.)

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