Sunday, October 16, 2016

Precious Friendships

There are some things in this life to which we give too much attention, too much thought, and for which we pay too much. Automobile comes to mind. Some park their cars at the extreme end of a parking lot to protect it. How I wish we would be as protective to the things in life that are truly important. A monetary investment is important, but people in our lives are so much more dear and precious to us.

I have, once again, had that very fact thrust in my face. When it comes to the relationships in my life, I am especially sensitive, tender, and passionately loyal. In this case, the relationships being my friends, and how I hate change or any circumstance that causes a separation of sorts between us. Often in my long lifetime I have experienced separation from good friends for various reasons, and each time it has a devastating effect on me. I have noticed that not all people have the same reactions, and I wonder why it is that it affects me so. This is a quandry that I am sure will never be answered.

I don't like moving. I haven't moved often in my life, compared to some, but I have moved enough to know I don't like it. I hate leaving my dear friends, sometimes knowing that it's probable I  will never see them again. I lived fifty years in one vacinity before moving away to another state. Saying goodbye to my friends hurt so badly I could hardly bear it. Five years later we moved to another state, leaving good friends behind. 

This morning I became quite melancholy, and a bit depressed over some things that will separate friends from me in a less dramatic way, but it will be a change that keeps us from seeing each other as often. I don't like that. I can handle change. What I find hard to handle is separation from friends, permanently or temporarily.

The worst sort of separation between friends is the kind that comes from disagreements and difference of opinions. I loathe this most of all, and take great care to avoid these situations, though they will come even when you think all is well.

I know that I am too sensitive about some things. But my friendships are precious to me. I love to spend time with them and get to know about their lives. I love to hear their stories, where they've come from, and learn what they believe. These people are where I want to invest my time and my emotions, and to be torn away from that investment is almost intolerable for me. Once you are considered my friend, you will always be considered as such. My precious friends may not be close, but they will always be my friend.

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