Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hello, God! What A Day!

I made my list this morning, Lord, and I spent almost an hour in the store getting my groceries. I was so tired when I finally made it home, and my feet were hurting so bad I had to soak them to ease their aches. What a waste of an hour, Lord!  My back is killing me! And with my long drive home in that awful traffic I was gone a full hour and a half. There is so much that I could have been doing at home to get myself caught up or even at church. I could have done a lot in all that time to get the sanctuary cleaned and picked up for Sunday's service.  The crowd at the grocery made me wish I had waited for another time to be there. So many people, Lord! Next time I think it would be better if I just stay home during those hours and go later in the evening when there are fewer people out.  Besides, I'm tired of putting up with all the rude people.  They seem to live in their own little worlds and have no regard for anyone else.  Oh, God!  What a waste of my time!

My, what a productive afternoon you have had, my child!  Now you have all your grocery shopping done for the next week, and I noticed that you made a list not only for your food but also all your meals are planned for the week.  Bravo!  This shows me that you have been listening to Me about the things you can do to save time and have more of it for Me and for having more leisure time with your family.  You certainly put a smile on my face today when I watched you hold the door for that woman with the cane.  She really just needed your smile to make her feel much better.  You couldn't see it, but her heart told Me how grateful she felt for a kind lady like you.  And, hey, thanks for helping that woman reach the top shelf for the box of powdered milk that she wanted. You're always doing that, and it's such a nice gesture. 

Speaking of gestures!  Yes.  I saw what that man did, but don't worry about it.  When you responded by gesturing that you were in the wrong and very sorry he felt pretty foolish afterwards.  I hope he keeps his promise that he made to Me that he wouldn't do that again.  I know how you feel about people living in their own little world.  Sometimes I do things to remind them that I am here with them, but they just ignore Me.  It makes Me so sad because I love them so much.

Anyway, I think a few of those people noticed how patient you were being in the check-out line while they were busy complaining about the clerk.  She just started the job this week and was very nervous today because she was so busy.  Thanks for the encouragement you gave her. You're right.  Everybody has to start sometime, and your words helped her to relax a little.  I also thought she was doing a good job. 

So, all in all, you had a very good day.  I'm pleased.  I noticed that you were well refreshed by dinner time, and this evening you had lots of time for reading with the kids.  The book they chose is really a good one. 

Now, about all that complaining you were doing earlier.

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