Tuesday, November 25, 2014

God Is Real

Some say there is no God, Jesus is not God, there is no Holy Spirit to guide and comfort us. If they're right, I wish they would explain what happened to me after I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior 30 years ago. My life changed instantly. I was no longer the mean-spirited person I had been for years. I no longer wanted everything for ME. I wanted to please God, and I became thankful for what Christ has done for me. 

Consequently, my attitudes changed, my focus changed. My life at first took a turn for the worse because satan was fighting for me. But I stayed faithful, and so did God. My life today is happy, joyful, contented, peaceful. I have a loving and devoted husband who has changed his life as well. 

I'm not perfect by a long shot. But I will be when He gets done with me and takes me home. If there is no God, what has happened, and what have I lost in this lifetime? I've lost bitterness and a life of sin and guilt and anger and a filthy personal reputation. I've benefited in my decision, even if there is no God. But I know there is a God because of my life. He has worked miracles that would have been impossible by my own doing. 

I know Who He is, and I know who I am IN HIM. My life and my faith are the answers to those who scoff at my faith in God the Creator of everything. If you believe, you have the same story to tell. God IS real!

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