Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I'm Learning As I Go Crazy

Frustration is a very good emotional tool that the enemy tries to use to make me crazy and then sin. But it won't work. (hehe.) I have God's word to tap into. You know the one I use....2 Cor 10:4.....and then I can get through it. Good thing, because I almost lost it with a couple of customer service reps in India this morning.

Why is it that companies use people that they know I can't understand? sheesh. They are so kind and sweet and professional. They are SUPER polite, and I'm sure they would be helpful if I could just understand them!

Finally i got put through to JoAnn in North Carolina that had the thickest NC accent you've ever heard. I understood every word she said. But she couldn't help me. Finally i got Mary. Mary must be an angel that God sent down to help me because it was one of the most pleasant, easy, efficient, and quick conversations I've ever had with a customer service agent. Thank You, Father. I really appreciate it.

By the way.... I go through this every month with this company. Well, at least for the last four or five months. So, God is definitely out to train me to KEEP CALM and RECITE 2 COR 10:4. I'm learning. 
But as usual, the hard way.

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