Thursday, August 20, 2015

It's A No-Brainer

I've been reading some of Leviticus this week. I know, right? God help me!  It's interesting how in Old Testament times God made stipulations for every kind of sin. He had it all worked out for them right down to the last detail how they could atone for their sin. And the people, who always had to go through the priest and his sons, had to know exactly what to do in case of every different sin. What a headache (especially for the bulls and sheep) to have to know and go through all that! And smelly! All that blood and entrails! How could they tolerate it?
And then God made One sacrifice that covered every sin. If we accept that gift of sacrifice and repent, it's done! 
So tell me, is this too simple? Why wouldn't anybody want this gift? Why would you want to live each day thinking, "Oh, I have to be good, do good things, say the right things, or I will have to go through all that bloody process (no pun) to pay for it and then clean up all that mess." Why would you live like that when you don't have to? Just take the gift......Jesus! You'll be so grateful that all you'll want to do is please Him. And the only sacrifice you'll need to make won't be a sacrifice anymore. It'll be a pleasure.

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